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What You Need To Know About WD-40 and Your Garage Door

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WD-40 is a popular multi-use spray used for a variety of tasks inside and out of the home, but is not recommended for use on garage doors. In this blog post, we'll look at what WD-40 is made from and why it can be detrimental to the operation of your door. Read on to learn more about how to keep your garage door functioning safely.

Why WD-40 is Not Suitable For Garage Doors

WD-40 stands for “water displacement, 40th formula” and it’s made to push water away to clean the metal that has been exposed to moisture. Although it is made with a specific blend of lubricants, the product is thinner than a garage door lubricant and will not stay in place where you’ve applied it. This can cause damage to the plastic, nylon, or rubber components of your door. Additionally, the product dries out much quicker which means you will have to apply it more often.

What To Use Instead Of WD-40

We recommend use of a non-silicon spray lubricant, we prefer this product because it is safer to use around the non-metal components of your door that we’ve listed above. This product is thicker than WD-40 which means it will last much longer. Silicon-based lubricant contains chemicals that can damage painted surfaces so we do not recommend those. Spray lubricants like these can be easily sprayed onto the door and parts, and will penetrate into the small cracks and crevices to provide a thorough lubrication. Our lubricant has an adjustable nozzle, which can allow you to spray the harder-to-reach areas on the door, like your torsion springs.


In conclusion, WD-40 is not suitable for use on a garage door as it can cause damage to rubber components, it does not form a protective coating, and it does not penetrate into the small cracks and crevices where lubrication is needed. Instead, it is best to use a non-silicone lubricant to keep your garage door in good condition and functioning safely. So, the next time you're looking to lubricate your garage door, make sure to use the right product! South Dakota Overhead Doors has lubricants available, and can provide you with additional steps with tuning up your garage door. Be sure to give them a call or stop into their local store for more information.

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