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VertiStack Clear Compact Sectional Door: The Ideal Solution for Businesses of All Sizes

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Businesses of all sizes are always looking for ways to maximize efficiency, productivity and saving costs. The VertiStack Clear Compact Sectional Door is the perfect solution for businesses looking to make the most out of their workspace. With a sleek design and fast installation, it's the perfect addition to any business workspace such as restaurants, retail, educational facilities, and office buildings.

Easy To Install

The VertiStack Clear Compact Sectional Door is designed to be installed quickly and easily. Installation requires minimal tools and can be completed in just a few hours making it a great choice for businesses that need a fast solution. We recommend having A Master Authorized Dealer, such as South Dakota Overhead Doors install this door for you.

Highly Durable

The VertiStack Clear Compact Sectional Door is designed to stand up to the rigors of industrial use. The door is constructed from a durable aluminum frame and is engineered to withstand heavy use and the elements. It is also designed to resist corrosion, making it perfect for businesses that need a reliable and durable door. Simply put, the VertiStack Clear Compact Sectional Door is built to last.

Sleek Design

This brilliant door also features a sleek and modern design that is sure to turn heads. The door features a clear window that allows for natural light to enter the workspace creating a bright and inviting atmosphere. The door features a black frame that adds a touch of sophistication to any workspace. If you want a different frame color you are in luck, its available in a variety of different glass, acrylic and polycarbonate options, along with multiple colors and finishes to coordinate or accent with any design tone.


The VertiStack Clear Compact Sectional Door is designed with enhanced security features, including reinforced steel panels that resist forced entry and is built to withstand break ends. This door also features a secure locking system for added peace of mind.

Energy Efficient

The door is designed to be energy efficient. It's engineered with a tight seal that helps reduce heat loss and conserve energy. The door features an insulating core that helps reduce noise and drafts allowing businesses to save on energy costs.

Get Yours Today

South Dakota Overhead Doors, stays up to date on the newest, hottest and most versatile garage door products. No matter the project, South Dakota Overhead Doors is the expert in bringing your aesthetic vision and needs to life. Additionally, we are the only authorized dealer in South Dakota that can order and install the VertiStack Clear Compact Sectional Door. This door will complement and create a stunning aesthetic to your business. Whether you are looking to revamp and spruce up your current business or are in the beginning stages of building your business, we can help you with expert guidance to bring your vision to life.  Call us today!

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