Common Problems When Cold Weather Hits

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Garages are the ultimate convenience come winter time. While people who park their car outside are dealing with dead batteries and scraping ice off of their windshields, your car is parked in a cozy garage, oblivious to the freezing conditions outside. When the sidewalks are slick, you don’t have to worry about slipping on the ice while you’re carrying a grocery bag full of eggs. Plus, it’s just so much nicer to get into a car that isn’t freezing cold every morning on your way to work!

Although South Dakota winters can be brutal and we all envy the individuals that have garages during the cold temperatures meaning they don’t have to deal with any of the scraping ice off cars or having to walk in the freezing temperatures to their cars, doesn’t mean garages don’t come with problems as well during the winter season. In this blog the garage door experts at South Dakota Overhead Doors will go over common issues that come with garage doors and colder weather, plus, the solutions to handle them once you encounter these issues.

Problem #1: Metal Contracts

During the winter most metals can contract as it starts getting colder and colder outside. This could also mean your garage door, whether your garage door is made of metal or if it’s made of wood. Wooden garage doors aren’t out of the clear when it comes to winter because the door itself might be wooden but the door springs, hinges and rollers that operate the opening and closing are metal. So, if those important pieces of the garage door mechanisms tighten or warp it can make the garage door difficult to move.

A solution to this problem is to make sure you lubricate the springs, rollers, hinges and any other metal parts in your door to ensure it works and keep regular maintenance in order for it to work properly.

Problem #2: Frozen Door

Being a South Dakotan every one of us can immediately guess what ‘frozen door’ means once we see its title. But just in case, a frozen door occurs when water or moisture gets caught at the bottom of the garage door. This can cause the door to freeze shut when the temperature falls drastically.

An easy solution to this predicament is using any type of heat to thaw out that frozen bottom in order to open the garage door. You can use a hair dryer or any kind of heat source to melt the area around it. Make sure when you do this is that you dry the area once you’re done so it doesn’t happen again.

Problem #3: Hardened Grease

Lubricants are used to work under warmer temperatures, that’s why they are effective with high powered machines and equipment. But during winter time, grease cannot function properly because the low temperature causes the grease to harden or thicken which will make it useless.

A solution to this is to remove any hardened grease and replace it with silicone-based grease that can withstand the low temperatures to ensure your garage door works perfectly throughout the colder season.

Problem #4: Damaged Door Springs

Most of the time garage door springs can break due to wear and tear over time but in this certain circumstance, garage door springs can break easier due to the added tension and pressure of the chilly weather. Just like cold air and hair, the lower temperatures can cause the springs to become brittle and eventually break. So be prepared to have a professional come inspect your garage before the cold weather sets in and it’s too late.

Unfortunately, in this scenario, there is no solution because if a spring breaks that doesn’t mean to try and make it a DIY project. In this instance have a professional come out and repair it.

Problem #5: Worn Weather Stripping

While a damaged weather stripping will not affect the opening mechanism of your garage door, it is a problem that needs immediate attention. The weather stripping around the edge of your garage door helps keep the cold air out of your living space. However, cold weather and precipitation can damage this material and eventually let the outside temperatures and water into your home and can cause serious damage and inconveniences.

A solution to this is once you notice a rapid spike in your energy bill; check the weather stripping in your garage door. Replace it if necessary. 

If you ever run into any of these situations and still are not sure how to move forward, give South Dakota Overhead Doors a call! (605) 355-1500

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