Benefits of an Insulated Garage Door

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Whether you’re in the market to upgrade your current garage door or just window shopping with your next garage door in mind you may not know the benefits that come along with having an insulated garage door. The garage door experts here at South Dakota Overhead Doors are here to help you understand the basics!

An insulated garage door has added layers, this could be double layered, or triple layered. Materials used for insulation are one of two materials; polystyrene and polyurethane.

Polystyrene: You’ve probably never heard of this material but have used it often. Styrofoam is actually expanded polystyrene! As you can see this material is extremely versatile and a good value for basic insulation.

Polyurethane: This is a composite material with one or more layers of polymer mended by urethane links. This material is more durable than polystyrene due to its higher density and resists shaking and vibrations.

Wondering which option is better for you? It solely depends on what you’re looking for in a garage door. Want to keep some heat in but not worried about blocking out sound? Maybe a garage door double insulated with polystyrene is your choice. Now if you want a heavily insulated garage that is sound resistant, a triple insulated polyurethane door is your best friend!

There is no right or wrong answer!

You may see R-value (the capacity of an insulating material to resist heat flow) and STC (sound transmission class) rating while you browse. If you have no clue what this mean, we don’t blame you. Let’s break it down. The higher the R-value the greater the insulating power; the higher the STC rating the more sound proof. The charts below will give you a better visual!


STC Rating Chart

On to garage door materials, this is completely objective too, just like the insulation type! Here are some common materials used for garage doors.

Steel: This is a low maintenance option and the absolute most common to see. Steel is durable with moderate insulation.

Aluminum: A lighter weight alternative to a steel door with a more modern look but a poor insulator.

Wood: Offers a high-end, timeless look. Usually chosen for appearance, not energy efficiency.

Composite Wood: Wood-like, still not a good insulator. Although is often layered with other materials to get the beautiful look of wood but with higher energy efficiency.  

Now that you know the basics and what makes up an insulated garage door you can probably imagine the number of advantages it comes with, such as –

Energy Saving: Homeowners are typically able to save up to 20% annually on their energy bills.

Added Home Value: The average return in revenue for a quality garage door was 97.5% in 2019 accourding to the Cost vs. Value Report.

Increased Duribility: Meaning less likely to dent since your garage door is the home to your cars, and miscellaneous equipment, duribility just makes sense.

Protection to your car: Garage door insulation can result in a longer car life due to the way freezing temperatures can damage your car. You invest in your car, invest in its protection too!

Warmer Garage: Cleaning your garage, tidying up your car, or any other activities done in your garage can be no matter the weather outside.

Curb Appeal: Typically an insulated garage door is more attractive due to the higher quality.

Quieter Garage: No more noisey or nosey neighbors to worry about!

Seeing a new quality insulated garage door in your future? Put all this new information to use! Contact us at to have our garage door experts help you find the door of your dreams!

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