Garage Experts at South Dakota Overhead Doors are here to bring you your 2022 Garage Spring Cleaning Guide to get you Ready for Summer!

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Garage experts at South Dakota Overhead Doors are here to bring you your 2022 garage spring cleaning guide to get you ready for summer!

Set aside enough time

Clear your schedule! Plan for a weekend or a couple days back-to-back through your week for your garage cleaning/garage orgnization. This is going to be a large task but you can do it! Don’t feel like this is a chore you have to tackle yourself. Draft a few friends to lighten your load!

Categorize and group items

Time to start sorting! You’ll need to go through everything, do not leave anything unturned. Separate like items into piles, they don’t need to be pretty, we will be going through these later. Categorizes can include things like seasonal décor, sports equipment, camping, automotive, or gardening. Do whatever makes most sense for your lifestyle!

Declutter. Declutter. Declutter.

This may be the most time-consuming task but guaranteed to be the most rewarding. First separate the items that no longer serve a purpose to you, now you can further separate this pile into trash, donate, and sell. Trash items are at the end of their life and don’t have other uses. Donate what you don’t use but could be rehomed. Sell any big-ticket items so you can get some cash back!

Reminder: if you haven’t used it in the last four seasons, its probably just taking up space! Use your best judgement!

Let’s get cleaning!

Now garage cleaning can be a breeze! Wipe down surfaces, sweep, mop! This part is fairly self-explanatory but below you will find a helpful article on how to clean painted surfaces on steel entry and garage doors!

Check out this awesome garage door cleaning guide!

New Layout

Determine the best layout for where you want your items to live. What is going to make the most sense for you? Items not used often don’t need to be in a place as easily accessible as items you use on a weekly basis. This is a step that you should consider shelving, (there are plenty of affordable options!) You have choices here, there are built ins, wooden, and metal wire shelving. Choose what goes best with your lifestyle!

Make use of containers

Let’s grab some containers! Totes are usually the best option but you can also use what ever you have on hand. A plastic tote with a lid ensures less damage to your items and less critters that can get into your things unlike a cardboard box. Plus, it will give your space the organized look you’re going for. A label maker will come in handy to label totes, if you don’t have one grab some masking tape and a permanent marker! Load all your categorized piles into your totes and end with a label in a spot you can see on the outside!

Tip: You can also label more specific contents under the broad label to make finding what you need easier!

 Now get those on the shelves! If you’re not doing shelves, stack them nicely. Middle, easy to access areas should be for the items most used. Higher and lower places that are more out of sight can be used for those items you use seasonally or once in a while.


Done! Garage organization has never been easier! Your garage is beautiful and easy to use now that you marked everything off your check list! Maintain this space with a quarterly or biannual cleanout. As you use your garage or accumulate more items this set up might need modifications. See what has been working for you and what just doesn’t do the job!

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